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Thank you for your interest in our school. As you can imagine, access to a public school and the requirement of time not directly devoted to student instruction needs to be given careful consideration. Before we can schedule a tour and open our classrooms to people not partnered with our school or district, we need to understand the intent of the visit and the identity of the people asking for access. We cannot entertain visits for the purpose of solicitation. On the other hand, we actively seek meaningful partnerships with education, industry, and our community, that are aligned with our instructional goals.

We also seek to share news, information, and knowledge about educational practice. If a tour is granted to your organization, we ask that you consider donating to Bulldog Tech. Students are very much involved in our tours and this money goes directly to funding student projects and gives our school the opportunity to help sustain the work we do. To proceed with a visit, please tell us more in this regard. Fill out the form below:


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